Frequently Asked Questions

No. One of the primary reasons for creating the app was based on so many apprentices misplacing their diaries or losing/breaking phones and setting trainees back months on their apprenticeships. Record of Work keeps all your information securely on servers so if you lose a phone or buy a new one you simply download the app again, login and all your records will be right where you left them.

Soon :-) We are in the process of adding units for a wide range of apprenticeships across multiple industries so check the blog and watch this space.

As many as you want :-)

At ROW we are aware that small changes in the curriculum may occur without us having to time to add new pull down options. For this reason you will see a function at the bottom of the “unit” pull down menu called “other”. This will allow you enter your own customized unit/s.

We welcome all and any feedback. If you can think of anything that will make our app more user friendly got our “Contact us” page and drop us a message.